When you need a commercial real estate broker, you want to work with one that has the most diverse market experience possible. Transition Brokers RE (TB-RE) is a full-service real estate brokerage firm that understands every type of real estate market and how each aspect of it works.

All Areas, All Buildings, All Spaces

A market is a collection of listed building offerings, market costing data, availability/vacancy, market activity, and broker driven deals that shape the overall health of any specific real estate area. TB-RE’s Advisory Group consists of commercial real estate brokers trained to ask questions and solve problems.

We start by gathering and learning from our clients—whether they are buyers or sellers, lessees, investors, landlords, or property managers—by probing and assessing a deal’s 3 Core Factors: Qualitative, Operational, and Financial.


A qualitative assessment covers key questions that gauge the client’s needs in relation to the commercial properties that best suit them, including:

  • “Do you like it?”
  • “Does it match your image and culture?”
  • “Can it help you win?”


Operational requirements differ from one business to another. If a real estate agent is to guarantee a successful property sale, they must ask practical questions like:

  • “How will it support and enable what you do?”
  • “How would offerings and function meet your output?”
  • “Could it allow you to win?”


In the real estate industry, cost is the driver of any deal. A commercial broker focused on finding the best solution for the client needs to ask:

  • “What is the cost and net effective value?”
  • “When, where, and why is the price this price?”
  • “Would you consider it a win?”

TB-RE Is Ready to Help You Win

Our commercial real estate brokerage has extensive experience in property leasing, sales, and management. If you’re looking for office, industrial, retail, or medical space, we work with buyers, sellers, and investors as well as tenants and building owners. For each deal, we concentrate on the 3 Core Factors to address the client’s needs directly, so you get the best value at the right price.

We have offices in the Chicagoland area and Nashville-metro area. Once we understand the real estate use and location requirements, we can begin to narrow the options down to just a few of the “current” best site-selections. Regardless of your timing, size, space use, and business goals, we have the knowhow to lever your real estate requirement and provide you with an assurance of non-overpayment.

To get started or learn more about our commercial real estate brokerage firm and services, call 312-473-1764 or submit our online form.