The Transition Broker Solution

Transition Brokers RE (TB-RE) a “CAN DO” Commercial Real Estate Brokerage; finding a way to met and fulfilly our client’s real estate needs.  TB-RE’s highest priority is to ensure that our clients don’t overpay for their commercial property locations.

Our sucesses and direction are formulated through TB-RE’s “Dollarization” Method.

“Dollarization” methodology establishes a marketplace equalizer or “True Net Effective,” leveling the deal making playing field crafting leverage and a comparative analysis so that the most optimal lease agreements, workspace environments, and flexibility options are offered.
Structuring Real Estate offerings that respond directly to a company’s learned Financial, Operational, and Qualitative location requirements and business goals.
For over 20 years the people at Transition Brokers RE have maintained a full and working understanding of the “Why’s” and “How’s,” of both sides of a deal, associated with executed deals known to many as “A GOOD DEAL.” This understanding maintains our firm’s ability to: PROTECT, OPTIMIZE, and CREATE transactions that enhance profitability, productivity, and support successful real estate project initiatives.

We PROTECT VALUE through ensuring Added “Market” Building and Tenancy Value
We OPTIMIZE VALUE through providing Offerings That emphasize cost effectiveness and efficient Work Space Layouts
We CREATE VALUE through structuring Client-specific Strategies, tailored toward Learned Location Requirements and Goals
Let’s us become your alternative perspective and assure that you “Have a Good Deal!”