Financial Office

Transition Brokers RE specializes in financial office space and helping buyers, sellers, landlords, and tenants with their commercial real estate requirements in the Chicagoland and Nashville area. Each building, client, and deal is unique. Our mission is to ensure clients find value in their transaction and get the most out of their office space as possible.

Financial Real Estate Brokerage Services

It can be challenging to find affordable office space in any financial district. Whether you are in the financial planning, mutual funds, or wealth management business or part of a stock exchange, we can find an office that meets your needs. Our team can help find a financial office for rent for an individual professional or an entire office building to accommodate your corporation.

Our transactions are always financially focused, as cost is the primary driver of real estate deals. Financial deal insights are enabled by our Dollarization evaluation tool, which helps understand the “true net effective value” of a transaction and a deal’s impact on the market value of the building and the client’s bottom line. We fully utilize market costing data, market activity, and broker driven insights while assessing Qualitative, Operational, and Financial Factors to help meet your business goals.

Speak with Our Financial Office Brokers

TB-RE can help buy, sell, or lease office space whether you’re a financial professional or run a major financial organization in an urban financial district. Feel free to contact us online or call 312-473-1764 today to get started.